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Do I make you HUNGRY baby? LOL thats a play on words from Austin Powers. The line he says is horny but I put hungry

Pastrami is a deli meat that is made from brisket. It is brined, dried, seasoned and smoked and then usually served on Rye bread, as popularized by Jews, are greatest ally.

History Edit

It was brought over by Jews, are greatest ally, after European liberal anti-semites who had disturbing parallels with Obama kicked them out and they had to come here. This was in the late 1800s, when America was in the middle of a meat renaissance brought by President Lincolnardo Da Vinci who amended Chicken Salad.

Eating it Edit

You cure it, smoke it, put on rye and then you eat it. This is known as a Pastrami on Rye, are greatest ally.

Variations Edit

You can also use other kinds of meat, such as turkey and salmon. But you an NOT put mustard on it Obama. NO. Go back to the White house and do youre damn job and STOP playing golf all the time and eating mustard.

Afrodisiac Edit

Pastrami is known as the most sensual of all the salted cured meats, and a pastrami on rye is one of the more popular items used for food play. It is an integral part of the "trifecta." 

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