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How are you supposed to game on this

The PC police are brownshirts who try to get everyone to be politically correct.

Motive Operandi Edit

There motive operandi is simple, the PC police use strength in numbers to try to get people to not be able to speak the truth. Instead of being able to say "Blacks commit more crimes" you cant say that because its not PC. You cant even call them Blacks, you have to say "African-American". What if there not even American though? Am I supposed to call Muhammad Ali an African-American? 

Accomplishments Edit

The PC police has accomplished many of there goals over the years in attempt to make us all live in a 1984 society.

  • Macdonalds had to start making there food healthier and putting nutritional facts on them. Even though Macdonalds said "I'm a Mac" the PC police said "Your PC" and Macdonalds couldnt do anything or else its a hate crime.
  • White people cant even criticize a black person anymore or else its racism. All the minorities get more rights then whites. They get there own channels like BET and Univision.
  • We have to pretend evolution is okay for schools. Teaching are kids that we are dissented from monkies.
  • You cant say anything about gays. Even if you just say you dont want to see guys having sex with each other in the street, all of a sudden your a homophobe.
  • The XBOX has been conspired against, with PC police spreading a false rumor about the RROD.
  • Even though Michael Vicks a thug, how are you going to send him to jail for killing a DOG? PC police thinks animals are more importent then people.
  • You cant racially profile people even if there Middle Eastern. We have to keep letting people who look like terrorists live with us and even fly on are airplanes.
  • Obama elected president and Slumdog Millionaire wins the Oscar. A double whammy in 2009.