OzOne 3

My name is...Adebisi. My father was Antonio Adebisi...and this is for you!

Oz was a gay pornography show that aired on liberal network HBO from 1997-2003.


Basically it was just a realistic portrayal of what prison life is like. The prisoners were all coddled, being allowed such things as television, rec time, food, wads of cash, guns, etc. At least two or three of the prisoners was allowed to evade being raped OR murdered. These prisoners have an easier life then I do! We coddle these guys too much.



Beecher is a scumbag lawyer who ran a little girl over while DUI. If he ran over MY daughter he better wish he wouId go to prison because I would rape and torture him. Beecher is sent to prison and raped and tortured. Over time he embraces a libreal lifestyle such as consensual sex with men, which is disgusting.


Typical Black racist muslim terrorist who bombed a White owned business and was sent to prison. Yet if I bombed one of THERE businesses Id be sent to prison. Double standards. He was leader of the Muslims and supported the Ground Zero Mosque. He gave sermons at Obamas church before his sentence.


Hispanic inmate who was leader of the Latinos but was kicked out for being too light skinned. Yet if I mock people for being too DARK skinned *I* am considered a "racist". Double standards. Alvarez often killed people and was punished with 1 week of after school detention. When he went a month without killing anyone he was allowed perks such as a pet doggy.


Nigerian (dont charge me with a hate crime thats actually where hes from) inmate who was leader of the Homeboys and in prison for beheading a cop. Religion of peace strikes again. Where is the Muslim outrage? Adebisi was known for raping other inmates which I think is funny because I am tough on crime. He was eventually killed by the smoke monster.


Right wing patroit who was leader of the Tea Party. Very anti-drug and he knows that multicultralism has gone too far. Schillinger knows that being gay is WRONG but if you rape a guy that does NOT make you gay. He wants to take his country back in November.


O'Reilly was an Independent who belonged to no gang. He was Irish Catholic and strongly pro-life. He supported the death penalty for anyone who wasnt related to him. He went to prison for a police chase where he crashed his car, but thats ok because hes covered by Allstate. He was often involved in other gangs schemes which was known as the O'Reilly factor.

Detective Eliot StablerEdit

After all those years in SVU he finally lost it.

Other inmatesEdit

Some other inmates included Pancamo, Morales, bunch of gay guys, that old dude, babykiller, and democratic presidential candidate Omar White.

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