The Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant chain NOT to be confused with Madison Square Garden or Balamb Garden. It is a place where you can get authentic Italian food for a decent price.


When your here your family.

History Edit

Italians came through this country threw Ellis Island which was easy to spot because they could see the Statute of Liberty from the ocean. But they had nothing to eat here. So they invented Olive Garden to provide that old world flavor. It is the only place where people can take there Italian grandparents that tastes just like the food in Italy.

Food Edit

The Olive Garden cooks are trained at their culinary institute in Tuscany, where they learn the ancient Italian secrets of how to microwave food that was already prepared elsewhere. Once a year they provide the neverending pasta bowl, which means that you can keep eating pasta and get it refilled, forever. They also provide unlimited salad and breadsticks. Some of there other meals include the Tour of Italy, Chicken parmesan and Eggplant parmesan. On your birthday they sing to you if you want. There maybe the fanciest restaurant in the world and a good place to take a hot date assuming you didnt make a reservation at Dennys.

The future Edit

There future looks shaky, as Obama keeps taxing people they cant afford to go their anymore. I will miss there mozzarella sticks straight from the countryside of Naples.

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