Old Dirty Bastard was a cRapper who was disgusting. He had gonorea twice and had a bunch of kids even though he looked disgusting. I guess looks only matter when your white.

cRap career Edit

This old dirty bastard was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan which was a bunch of cRappers from New YORK! They released Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers which was there first album. Old Dirty Bastard then released Return to the 36 Chambers which was his album. It contained such songs as Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy Shimmy Ya. These songs didn't really make sense. He also was on there second album which was Wu-Tang Forever not to be confused with Batman Forever.

Prison Edit

He then went to prison (thats what they do)

Release Edit

After being released he got his own MTV show which followed his fat a@@ around. Then he died.

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