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If we keep letting immigrants into this country soon we wont even have a country

No Country for Old White Men is a 2007 Cohen brothers movie based on the book by Cormick McCarthy. Its about how the PC police has made it so minoritys have all the rights and now theres no country for us. Everyone else has people protecting there rights but what about are rights? Nobody has ever had it worse than Straight White Protestant MEN over the age of 18, due to these other groups of people always playing the victim. It is the sequel to No Country for Old Boy.

Plot Edit

Immigrants are coming over are border from Mexico. Because we dont have a wall and we dont inforce the laws that are currently on the books these dangerous immigrants are able to run wild, killing many people. Especially one guy in particular.

Cast Edit

Javier Lopez - Harvey Dent/Dos-Face

Tommy Li Jones - Sherriff

Josh Brolin - Independent

Quotes Edit

"Call it friendo"

"And then I woke up...and realized that this is NOT the America I grew up in. Old White Men have literally become an indanger species. Thats why we need to take are country back in November and elect the Tea Party candidates."

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