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Is this map in french or something. Speak American

Niger is a landlocked country in West Africa. I like how they can call themselves Niger but if I say it Im guilty of a hate crime. Double standards.

Georgraphy Edit

Niger is located in the Sahara (good movie) and is mostly dessert. Its area is 1267000 square MILES (sorry this is AMERICA Im not going to use kilometers) of which 300 is water.

History Edit

Historically it was gra@@lands. Contact with the West began when Mungotu Park searched for the Niger river. It soon became a French colony, whos chef export was French fries. They declared Independents in 1960. However whenever Africans try to govern themselves things fall apart

. So basically after this came a bunch of military rule and killing. Imperialism was the best thing to ever happen to these people, hell I dont think its much of a stretch to say there better off as slaves. Of course saying this brands me as a "rascist" when in fact Im just thinking independently. Freakin PC police.
300px-Ancient home zinder niger-1-

A traditional Niger home in 'da hood' (thats how they talk)

Agriculture Edit

15% off Niger is arable. There are no prostitutes, they just grow sorghum. And where are the prostitutes? Round back. Whoops

Religion Edit

There Muslim. Islam is NOT a religion of economic viability.

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