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Possibly a sequel to The Stepfather

Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 Horror film starring Robin Williams as a transsexual attempting to kidnap 3 children and indoctrine them into his bizarre and dangerous lifestyle.

Plot Edit

Robin Williams plays Daniel Hillard, a deviant who refuses to work because hes a democrat. After the court awards custody of his children to his wife during their divorce because he just wants to be a wellfare queen, Hillard decides to put his crossdressing skills to good use by posing as a woman and fooling his ex-wife into employing him. Soon he gains her trust and is able to subvert her custody. Luckily 007 is on the case and is able to reveal that hes really a man baby. Williams looses even his partial custody but the guys lucky he didnt get the death penalty. If some transsexual ever tries to take care of MY children in MY house, well lets just say Ill take care of him, with one of my many guns. And I take pictures of all my guns in case you want to see them, there on my photoshop. I am a MAN.

Cast Edit

Daniel Hillard: Robin Williams

Miranda Hillard: Sally Field

Bond, James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

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