The Moon is literally the moon. It revolves around the Earth and is are satellite. Its riding with us tonight. As Bill O'Reilly has pointed out, Earth is the only planet in the universe that has a moon, and Mars and Venus dont [1]. Explain that pinheads.


For years we saw the moon and assumed it was just the same as the sun except it turned people into werewolves. But eventually we realized it was closer and we could use it to create new colonies. At this time the moon was thought to be made out of cheese, and although we dont know for sure either way, arrogant liberal scientists insist that it isnt. Typical liberals. The moon was conquered by Neal Armstrong in 1969 in the name of America. The Russians had tried to do it first but in their "Sputnik moment" they went bankrupt instead and Czar Boris Yeltsin had to step down thus ending communism. And yet Obama wants us to have a Sputnik moment? WTF? Sarah Palin is ROFL. BRB

In popular cultureEdit

In The Stand, Tom Cullen seems to be the prototypical right wing Independent, until one day he points out that M-O-O-N spells Moon. He is then denounced as an elitist and forced to resign his position on the Free Zone Committee by Michelle Bachman, who claims he has Anti-American views.



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