Moon is a 2009 science fiction film starring Sam Rockwell. It is based on the story of Cloud and Sephiroth, but set in space.

Moon, the final frontier

Plot Edit

In the year 2101, war was beginning. By this time we landed on the moon! So a powerful corporation sends Sam Bell to the moon to do all this work. After three years he can come home. After approaching the end of his contract, he discovers that he is also on the moon, as in another him. He is...a puppet. A puppet? Well the corporation's only responsibility is to offer a profit to its stockholders so I don't see what the big deal is. Anyway there are more clones. One clone comes back to Earth and at the end and takes down the company even though they did nothing wrong, its funny how libs think bug business is the bad guy. What would you rather go back to living in caves like we did when God created Earth 5000 years ago? Businesses provide us with everything so hating them is like hating everything you own, which is basically what you are Anyway as the last of a series of sound bytes, a pleasing voice announces that the clone is either a whacko or an illegal immigrant and he wants him OUT. THIS. Earth is for AMERICANS.

Cast Edit

Sam Rockwell - Sam Bell

QWERTY - Kevin Spacy


"No way! Thats great...We landed on the moon!" - Sam

"Next time Tess Im gonna send you to the moon" - Sam

"I cant let you do that Sam" - QWERTY

"Sam Bell is one of two things hes either a whacko or an illegal immigrant and either way they oughtta lock him up!" - an Independent

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