250px-Miso Soup-1-

Me so horny for this soup. Just a little independent humor lighten up Francis. ROFL good one bro how about this "mi love this soup longtime" lmao

Miso soup (味噌汁 miso shiru) is served at every meal in Japan along with sushi. It is made from vegetables, tofu, and Miso paste which is soybeans. Its a real lib vegan meal for wimpy little libs. They like to show off by drinking the soup with there chopsticks and these libs think there so cool just because they lied and said they went bowling. They probably dont even have jobs.

Preparation Edit

You cook it at boiling temperature and eat it for breakfast. No wonder there men are so small and frail.

Health benefits Edit

For women it can cut risk of breast cancer, according to Japanese researchers who we cant believe because there socialists. This is probably all part of the lib agenda to get us all to be vegans and unhealthy hippys. Whatever I love my meat and for every animal you do NOT eat Im going to eat 2 because I am a MAN! 

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