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We had 10 times this many at the 9/12 Tea party

The Million Man March was the ultimate in double standards. Why is it okay for them to do it but if I did I would be branded a racist?

Organization Edit

It was organized by terrorist Louis Farrakhan on October 16, 1995. As the president of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan wants nothing better then to see every Jew lying dead in the street. But he also wants Blacks to run everything. So he called upon all his followers which is literally all black men to have a march on Washington D.C.

Reasons Edit

I guess it all started over some complaints that these guys have. Whats the matter, people arent PC enough? Look, there is no such thing anymore as racism against Blacks, the only real racism is reverse racism which is against Whites. These people just try to make up that theres still racism. Like Im racist for calling Obama an ape? Really? Then how come it wasnt racist when people called George W. Bush an ape? Case closed. If anything where the ones who should march because of are complaints against them. Statistics show that they commit all the crimes. Also Black men frequently "diss" embryos by getting multiple women pregnant and then leaving, except embryos turn into kids, so the kids grow up without fathers and the women leach off society. Its a vicious cycle. Also its funny that a white woman who has 8 kids becomes notable as Octomom, but almost every black woman has that many kids and there all octo. Barely any of them even know who the father of those kids are though.

Double standards Edit

Allow me to point out the racist hippocracy here if I may. We cant have marches but they can? If I organized a Million White March in Washington DC I would probably be arrested as a threat to Obama. And even if I had the march in Juneau or something, I would be arrested for a hate crime. Its just like there clothes. They all wear clothes from FUBU which stands for For Us By Us. Yet if I made clothing for only white people ID be arrested. Hell Id be arrested even if I made clothes called For EVERYONE By Us (FEBU). Rarely is a white man allowed to point out when whites have accomplished anything. As the great Charlton Heston pointed out you cant even mention that the Founding Fathers were white!  I am aghaust at these double standards.

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