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Her body is a wonderland

Michelle Malkin (born October 20, 1970) is an American genius and literally a goddess.

Early life Edit

Michelle was born in Philadelphia to Filipino citizens who came over LEGALLY. See I have nothing against legal immigrants its the illegal ones that need to go, as soon as they came lots of crimes began to occur and jobs were lost and that is NOT a coincidents. She grew up in New Jersey and was raised as a Catholic. From an early age she knew that libs were a brash angry lazy bunch of socialist evildoers and we needed to defeat them at all costs.

Career Edit

She became a columnist, writing about how libs are bad. This guy Obama is trying to make us live in a utopia but Malkin points out that he is NOT the messiah. You think he was sent from heaven but he is NOT. I mean this guy tried to make us have the Olympics. Doesnt he remember what happened in Atlantas Olympics? They got bombed. And then Vancouver is going to have the Olympics in 2010 and as Glenn Beck pointed out they went bankrupt during those Olympics. Obama is always off playing golf and he doesnt even do his job. Its one thing to have a long vacation but for him hes doing it literally all the time. For him the Oval Office is more like the Oval Holiday Suite and he only goes there when he takes a vacation from his vacation. Look I just have this to say - youve heard of Osama bin Laden? Well Obama been Leaden us down a path to ruin and it has to STOP. And thats why all I have to say is this cock aint gonna turn me into one of his socialists or else I will have a revolution and we will turn Washington DC into a city of the seizers of Independents.

Author Edit

She has written epic books such as how we need to intern people. Whys that a bad thing? Look are you going to let some PC jackass guard are country against terrorists? No, he would make us sing cumbayah. Instead lets be MEN. I am a MAN.

Contraversy Edit

Rachel Ray Edit

You think you can wear a scarf? NO. That scarf looks like what Muslims wear and we are going to bring Dunkin Donuts DOWN if they do NOT remove that ad. Look, Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

Publishing students names Edit

Big deal, she published youre names and you got death threats. That was YOURE action so deal with it. In fact Michelle had to move to Coldorado but you dont see her complaining. You guys are just a bunch of stoned slackers anyway who watch The Daily Show and listen to punk rock bands like Nirvana.

Beauty Edit


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