Michael Dwayne Vick (born June 26, 1980) is a thug and convicted felon who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles when hes not killing dogs or infecting women with herpes. He was the first overall pick out of current ACC school Virginia Tech in 2001 by the Atlanta Falcons and later served 22 months in Leavenworth for his dogfighting operation before being allowed to have a second chance which is complete hokey. He is a member of the prestigous Vick family.

Before prisonEdit

Vick was known for running all the time and throwing passes none of his recievers could catch. At one time he called a press conference to announce that he was NOT gay. "Yall know how I get down" he said. It was true that with the women he was a real heartbreaker, causing them to tear up instantly after he broke up with them, usually because they had just found out he gave them STDs with his dirty semen. Oldest trick in the book, give them herpes, get treated under the alias Ron Mexico, walk away scott free. Somehow his plan didnt work and he got caught though. As it turned out, Vick was not only cavalier about giving women herpes but also about killing dogs. This led to a federal arrest and a prison sentence.


In prison Vick was forced to wear a yellow jacket or jumpsuit or whatever you call those things, and his life of luxury quickly became another life of luxury, because we coddle prisoners too much and realy they live like kings. Vick probably continued to infect prisoners with herpes, this time anal. Yall know how he got down.

After prisonEdit

After getting out of prison Vick had a few options. He could follow in the footsteps of friend and fellow thug Pacman Jones and become a wrestling star. Heels like Vick can make a killing and he could even reform the NWO Wolfpac. Or he could try to play in the NFL again even though everyone knew he would suck. Eventually he signed with the Eagles because the liberal sports media forced them. They want to see a Black quarterback do well so they make Phildalphia keep signing them even though there overrated. Vick was used in his first season as part of a wildcat offense, which Vick liked so much that he decided to start a wildcat fighting operation. Later Donovan McNabb was traded and Vick soon became the #1 quarterback for the 2010-11 season, however in week 4 he hurt his ribs and the Eagles lost the game, so they took him out back and killed him.

Support from ObamaEdit

Natually Obama pals around with Vick because he loves thugs. [1] Is it possible that Obama actually funded the dogfighting operation, and Vick took the fall for it? Im just asking questions.



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