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Only libs would listen to a guy who looks like this

Michael Francis Moore (born April 23, 1954) is a fata@@ who directs propaganda films where he makes everything up. Hes always complaining about anyone who isnt liberal. Lighten up Michael Francis. Also loose some weight. Your fat. Moore hates America and doesnt waste any time spreading his tired bored gay message every chance he gets. This guy is fat.

Early lifeEdit

Moore grew up in Flint, Michigan and was fat.


Moore decided that as a fat guy he should sit on his fat a@@ all day so he became the editor of some magazine. After being fired he became a filmmaker and his strategy or "trademark" was to lie as much as possible to make his enemies look bad. He would ambush helpless people like the CEO of GM, the CEO of Nike, or the president of the NRA, and like a shark attacking his prey, he would devour them. Literally, because he is fat. In movies like Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911 he would connect forty isolated incidents and try to paint some big conspiracy and the main bad guy at the end would be guess who? Republicans. In the end his obsession with Republicans and George W. Bush would be his downfall, as people grew wary of his bull and even liberal Hollywood booed him as he recieved his Razzie and criticized the War on Terror. He next released his supposed masterpiece Sicko, which painted Fidel Castros Puerto Rico as a healthcare paradise, reversing the truth which is that Americas healthcare system is the best and socilized healthcare is all bad. No one went to see it, and his career went kerplunk. His next film Capitolism a Love Story barely got released, and Moore was officially ruined (and fat).


Moore thinks the rich should give up THERE money as a natural resource to be divided among us. [1] First of all natural resources belong to the corporations. Secondly, thats stupid. THIRD, the FIRST thought that went through my mind as a highly original and independent thinker was: okay, then why doesnt Moore give us *his* $50 million and his mansion and yacht? See, this is why the libs are hippocrats, and Moore is a hungry hungry hippocrat who wants all are french fries (hes fat) but doesnt want to limit his own payday. Libs go through life criticizing others but not practicing what they preach, like Barack "carbon footprint" Hussein who says we need to conserve energy but then goes to India with 30 battleships to pray to Allah at the Taj Mahal. Its mind boggling and an outrage. Obama is like Moore, a guy who goes off on these sanctimonious offshoots and later says or does something completely different. Same with Al Gore. While being chicken little and yelling about the risks of global warming and trying to get people to scatter Gore is rivaling the energy consumption of Europe. Moore needs to get a clue and quit his sorry attempts at breaking up monopolies and causing trouble to big business because the guys got a lot in the gut but nothing in the cranium so its all a trivial pursuit. Tell him to take his fat ass back home and try to finagle some subpar cheese out of a mouse trap and gorge himself on candy landing in an ER for the inevitable quadruple bypass operation instead of trying to tax the rich to pay his food bill, because frankly thats a bill even the wealthiest people cant afford. (Hes fat)

Personal lifeEdit

In his personal life Moore is fat and disgusting, and probably has bedbugs. He is a compulsive overeater, and he CANT STOP EATING.



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