Mel Gibson (born January 3, 1956) is an award winning actor, director, producer and independent that is reponsible for such masterpeaces as Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, and Apocalypto. He was forced by the PC police to register as a lethal weapon due to him speaking his mind, and they have continually tried to charge him with hate crimes as a result. I guess freedom of hate speech only matters if your a lib.


His pictures have grossed over a whopping 300 billion dollars over his career. Gibson started out in small Australian pictures but soon hit the Hollywood scene with the Mad Max films and made it big. After Lethal Weapon he was a bona fide superstar and everyone agreed his limit was the sky. Keeping conservative was tough as Gibson was spooked by Hollywoods leftist slant and much to his chagrin gone were the days he could speak his mind. He even coonsidered packing up and one day going back to Australia and making small independent films (because he is an independent), however he also wanted to direct and produce blockbusters that brought his message to the big screen and would need to be near Hollywood, so he stayed and just decided to take it slow picking only a few films to star in while doing his own projects. In 2004 he was finally able to make his epic film The Passion of the Christ and hit it out of the ballpark on his first crack earning more money then any rated R film in history.


Gibson has been no stranger to contraversy, you know the rules and so do I. However he refused to crowtow to to the slimey Hollywood libs and a result they sicced the attack dogs on him in an attempt to find a chink in his armor. They realized that they could slip a mickey in his drink and then they could frame him for DUI. He was arrested by the PC police after which he told the arresting officer (Officer Sugartits) that she should "get raped by a pack of wetback fag nigger jews who are responsible for all the wars of the world" then grabbed her tits and went "Honk Honk". Yet this only led to additional charges of "speaking youre mind in the first degree" and "being an Independent" being filed. Gibson instead of throwing in the towel headed to rehab, reasoning that maybe if he quit drinking then libs would no longer be able to put him in these kinds of situations. However he was soon framed again and forced to plead no contest to domestic abuse. Yet Obama doesnt face charges for abusing Americans with his domestic policy? Double standards.

Personal lifeEdit

Gibson is known as a practical joker who likes to jape around on the set and be a real goofball. What a fun loving guy.

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