Marriage is a union between a man and a WOMAN. God presided over the wedding of Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve. The institution of marriage is sacred and thats an opinion shared by most of the people in this country, including me, my wife, my two ex wives, their ex husbands, and the married woman I am currently sleeping with.

Gay marriage Edit

No such thing. Look, I am all for equal rights. But what gays want is MORE rights. That is NOT equality. I am all for letting gays have civil unions, just dont call it a marriage. Equality for everyone NOT special rights for some.

Civil unionsEdit

Its the same kind of thing as a marriage so whats the big deal? You can still do whatever it is you do behind closed doors, just dont shove it in my face. Dont ram your gayness down my throat. Im sick of having to bend over and grab my ankles and take it. You are wearing my ass out with all this. I am NOT gay and as a conservative I just feel that what you people do should happen behind closed doors after my wife goes to bed or while shes out of town.

Defense Of Marriage ActEdit

DOMA is one of the most important things we have to defend marriage, and right now Obama is trying to destroy it along with his Imperial friend Kefka who is poisoning the water supply.

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