Mark Whaleburg

(born June 5, 1971) is an actor rapper and dancer extraordinaire. He was also a male model often compared to Hansel (hes so hot right now) (I am NOT gay) and the lead singer of the Funky Bunch. He is known for his roles in such movies as The Boogie Knight, Titanic, The Deported and M Knight Shayamalan's Whats Happening (good show).
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Whaleburg overcame the odds to succeed as a White Man

Early life Edit

Marky Mark was the youngest of 9 children growing up in Boston. As a teenager he got in trouble, and did frat boy pranks such as throwing rocks at blacks while calling them slurs and robbing a Vietnamese guy and gouging his eye out while calling him slurs. I like how he gets called a rascist for doing that. Always playing the race card. Yet if they did that to us, then would they get called a rascist? Whaleburg probably would have been charged with a hate crime if he even looked at them, yet they can call him slurs, throw rocks at him and gouge his eye out and get away with barely any time served. Theyd probably get like only 45 days in jail, we would get the death penalty and are life would be over.

Career Edit

After serving his 45 days, Whaleburg's life rose to new heights. Following the example of his brother Danny who was a member of the Backstreet Boys, Whaleburg joined the Funky Bunch and quickly rose to the ranks of the lead singer. He was known for taking his shirt off and dropping his pants, which if youve ever seen the Boogie Knight you know why. He is a MAN. (I am NOT gay). He then became a model for Calvin Klein who remarked that "his buttocks are sublime". This led to him being put in films and he quickly became a superstar. He starred in Boogie Knight, Titanic, We Three Kings and Planet of the Apes (welcome to Obamas planet) before being cast as guy who curses a lot in The Deported, which was a breakthru role which showed he could curse a lot. He was considered for Brokeback Mountain but backed out because he was uncomforatbale with the gay scenes (he is STRAIGHT).

Personal life Edit

He is married and his wife gave birth to three children who are supposedly his. He is a Roman Catholic and has a rosary tatoeed around his neck so you know hes really religious.

Filmography Edit

Primal Fear

Anne Frank presents The Basketball Diaries

The Boogie Knight

We Three Kings

Titanic (nominated for Oscar)

Planet of the Apes

I Love Huckabees

The Deported

Tyler Perry's M Knight Shyamalan's Whats Happening Now


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