160px-Manx Minus rumpy-1-

Whats a cat gotta do to get some tail around here? Just an independent joke lighten up francis

The Manx is a breed of cat that has no tail or a little stubby one. They come from the Isle of MAN. They are STRAIGHT.

Origin Edit

There are two tales of how the Manx got the way it is. The commonly accepted version is that Noah accidentelly slammed the ark door on its tail. A more far fetched scenario is that its the offspring of a cat and rabbit. LOL. Yeah right. Probably the same people that believe in evilution came up with that crock. What a load.

160px-Manx Beatrice-1-

Female manx kitten playing DDR

Appearance Edit

They have longer hind legs and shorter front legs. Also short ears.

Tail Edit

There are different levels of tail. Even a maxed out tail is still pretty small, so no point leveling up.

Coat Edit

Well you got your long coat and you got your short coat. This isnt rocket science people.

Health Edit

Many of them have spinal problems. However many of them do NOT.

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