Malcolm X (born Malcolm Jamal Warner (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965) was a black supremacist w
180px-MLK and Malcolm X USNWR cropped-1-

Malcolm X meets the great Dr. King, who by the way was a Republican

ho played the race card and accused whites of being racist even though he was the one who was racist. After being sent to prison (typical) he converted to Islam and later joined the Nation of Islam. Like a marvel he rose through the ranks and was considered its most influential member before being shot dead. Also he is Barack Obamas father. Like father like son.

Homosexuality Edit

Malcolm X was GAY. [1] Which blacks refer to as "the down low".


After leaving the Nation of Islam, X became a marked man, literally marked with an X. The Nation of Islam showed that they were NOT a religion of peace and were literally subhuman, torching his house to the ground. They had tried to wire explosives to his car and set his house on fire on many occasions. Finally it was time to X him out. They sent in a group of assassins to shoot X to death, much like I will do to anyone who breaks into my house. He died on the spot, and X marked the spot where he died at age 39, leaving a black widow, 3 black children, and one half-black, half-white child named Barry X.

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