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Yet if I call a black guy my "main coon' Im a rascist?

Maine coon is an AMERICAN breed of cat that is native to Maine. They should not be confused with the Maine Coont, AKA Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins who are freakin RINOs. They think they can go along with the Democrat healthcare plan? I say we seduce Maine from the Union and make them live with Canada. There committing treason plane and simple.

History Edit

The history of the Maine Coon is that before Marie Antoinette was beheaded (religion of peace my A@@) she sent her fave cats to America, where they were raped by Black cats creating the breed. Some people claim they may have been brought over by vikings, who are the ancestors of all straight men like me. The Maine coon became very popular until Persian cats came to America and because of afermative action people started giving them jobs instead. However the Maine coon is the 2nd most popular cat in the world which proves that the cream rises to the top.

Stats Edit

Maine coon has some sweet stats. Males weigh between 13 and 25 libs and Females weight 8-18 libs. There muscular with long hair down to my waist. 

Skills Edit

They have a bunch of skills. There good with water and possess intelligence that would make them smarter then a human liberal. I know thats not saying much but consider that its a cat. They can survive in harsh winter climates unlike that libtard from Into the Wild. Some of them have extra toes which proves evolution is NOT true.

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Coons can be white to. Its NOT a rascist term.

Colors Edit

They come in all different colors just like Americans, but because there cats the different colored ones dont pray on the white ones and play the race card.