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MSNBC is the most liberal of all the liberal networks. They have said anything negative about a democrat. There all propaganda and needs to learn how to be fair and balanced and show BOTH sides.

History Edit

Microsoft decided they needed to force people to buy there PCs. So they made it an antitrust law that said you had to and sent the PC police to arrest people who refused. Then the PC police decided the way to force people to be PC is with a liberal news network. Even though all the other news networks are also liberal. So they formed MSNBC to explore right wingers and make them look bad while completely ignoring any thing that makes the left look bad. Using links to such dangerous liberals George Soros they were able to establish the channel and use it to hypnotize sheeple into voting democrat using programs such as Countdown and Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.

Liberal propaganda Edit

Some of the liberal propaganda includes how they literally worship Obama as the messiah. They have refused to cover the most important issues such as Tea Parties and Climategate. Way more time has been spent covering unimportant things like the War in Iraq and healthcare. There coverage of the war is NOT fair because they will report on things that make are soldiers look bad. Yeah are Marines, Army and Navy get a real good deal out of it when this station reports things that could make them feel bad, which is NOT journalism. In fact they hire people like Keith Olberman who is probably a doper and was a sportscaster which makes him NOT qualified to have a show on a news channel, unlike Glenn Beck. Olbermann is a leftist blowhard who calls on Rupert Murdoch to fire FOX News anchors who speak the truth and keep are country safe. Are independents depends on FOX going out every day and telling us that the decromat party is WRONG and we will NOT give that up because MSNBC says we should.

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