They called him Julius two times Caesar because he said everything two times

Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant that was invented in Rome (good show) in 70 BC.

History Edit

When Pizza was invented in Italy it literally became a living legend, but it was also quite expensive. It cost 1 penny which back then is like 300 dollars in todays money. None of the plebes in the Roman Empire could afford it, and alot of them were defecting to Gaul to eat french fries instead. So Julius Caesar invented Little Caesars so that peasants could get pizza for an affordable price. He charged $5 for a carryout that was either cheese or pepperoni, and just to rub it in Gauls face he also included french "baguettes" but called them crazy bread.

Today Edit

Today Little Caesars is the 4th largest pizza chain in America.  They are the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire, and were once up to 5000 locations but are now down to about 2000 after being attacked by Napoleon. I guess the French finally got there revenge.

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