The Leaning Tower of Piza

is a tower in Italy. It is well known because its an optical illusion that appears to be leaning over and about to fall. It was made famous when Nobuo Uematsu sang "Underneath the Rotting Piza Tower" about his fear that it would fall on him.
250px-Leaning tower of pisa 2-1-

The tower is a right leaning Independent much like Jesus

Construction Edit

It took 177 years to build, NOT to be confused with 1776. No one knows who the architect was, but it has been presumed that it was either Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo or Rafael under the wing of Art Vandelay. The project had to be abandoned when the original architect left to be a city planner but resumed in 1272 under Giovanni Ribisi. The 7th and final floor was competed in 1319.

History Edit

Galileo dropped different objects from the building when trying to make up the theory of gravity. Later Socilist Nazis used it as an observatory in WW2.

Stats Edit

Height: Like 180 feet

Weight: About 15,000 tons supposedly but how would anyone know. Its not like we can get under it to weigh it.

Number of steps to the top. Almost 300

Cultural References Edit

In Superman 3 the bad Superman makes it NOT lean. Then the real Superman puts it back to normal.

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