Las Vegas (good show) is a city in Nevada where I go to gamble and pick up women using the line "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and there always really impressed when I say it. Dont steal my line because Im the only one who uses it and its really clever.


Las Vegas was built by Bugsy Seigel in the dessert as a place for the Mafia to bury bodies. Soon they realized it would be a good place to build a lot of casinos. It florished as people came from all over the world to blow there money there. But then Obama told people that during the recession they should NOT blow there money in Vegas. How dare he. The Las Vegas economy relies on the people from every other city in America going there to loose money. And if Las Vegas's economy gets hurt, that means ALL of the economy gets hurt. Its called trickle down look into it. So bottom line, by telling us dont loose money in Vegas, Obama will be costing us a lot of money! And I can NOT afford to loose money. So lets inpeach Obama and get someone in office who will make me spend all my money in Las Vegas.

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