Keith Olber (NOT a ) man (born January 27, 1959) is a liberal psychopath who formerly worked for ESPN. He is NOT a man so no one should watch him. Currently he is the host of Countdown, a slanted program of misinformation that is NOT independent, which airs on the liebral network MSNBC. It is a classic example of propaganda that has contributed to the decline of Western civilization. He also used to do Boston Market commercials.


Typical liberal crybaby. They always complain and cry about everything.

NOT. cool. Edit

I do NOT like the fact that this guy is always complaining. Not only is he dummer then Hell but he is biased and only complains about conservatives and by extension independents. How does this fruitcake get his own show? First of all hes a sportscaster NOT a journalist. I like how Rush tried to do sports but they wouldnt let him because hes White, yet they let Olberman do sports. Double standards.

Olberman accuses Bush of conspiracy Edit

Olberman made the bizarre claim that Bush caused 9/11. Or something. I dont know but either way Im mad and I am NOT going to take it. Everyone knows it was Osama bin Laden in conjunction with Saddam Hussein who did those attacks. And possibly Qadaffi.

Nazi salute Edit

He did a Nazi salute because hes a lib and Nazis are libs. Libs hate Isreal, are greatest ally. They think Jews and Bush caused 9/11. God Im so mad. I hate how these libs do this. No wonder they elected Hitler in 2008.

24 Edit

He attacked the popular FOX show 24 with bizarre claims. Man this guy really suffers from liberalism or as I call it, clinical insanity! He said it was propaganda and brainwashing, which is ironic because thats what his show is! 

Hey Olberman, how can it be brainwashing propaganda. ITS JUST A SHOW! LOL. Your making me very mad. The fact is that the stuff that happens on that show in patroitism. Jack Bower will bind torture kill and do whatever he has to do to someone to get them to spill their secrets. The terrorists will definitely start to give up information when they are moribund. You have to understand that we dont have time for "principles" when there are American lives on the line. Those are the principles we were founded on.


No one watches his show and everyone who does is just bored. Indepedently this proves that he is WRONG. This guy may as well go jump off a bridgeway because he has nothing to loose and everything to gain. Do it off the Golden Gate bridge in front of all your San Francisco libtard friends and then sleep with the fishes.

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