Karl Christian Rove (born December 25, 1950) was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chef of Staff to George W. Bush. He was known for his integrity and sense of fair play.


Rove had been involved in politics for years and Bush knew he was just the man to go to war with.


Rove worked hard to make sure we could go to war and people still resent him for it. Even people in the Nanny State (some ally) are saying that we did something wrong by attacking Iraq. These Obots wanna pretend he did something wrong. They act like he gipped people. There emotion is raw and angry and they really hate Rove and theres no hate like liberal hate. With Obama in charge we will soon have to drive hybrids and he will outlaw REAL cars and I wont even be able to drive my Camaro on the interstate, let alone my Sierra. Lee once surrendered to Northern Agession but I will NOT and that Chicago thug Obama better leave my cars alone otherwise I will be MAD. A gas car is way more better for the environment anyway because of batteries or whatever. What we need to do is get Bush back in charge and send Obama back to Kenya. The guy is just nigerdly. And by using a word with niger I am NOT a racist, its an actual word that has NOThing to do with race and anyway black people call each other that so why cant we say it? I hear them say it all the time in the South. "African American" is what we have to call them though. An absolute clear case of double standards. So lets get Obama out of the White House along with his racist wife Michelle (Ive never seen a gal so classless) and lets get this country back on track.

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