Juwanna mann-1-

I do NOT wanna man I am STRAIGHT

Juwanna Mann is a 2002 movie about a black transvestite. Wow, I guess he/she really hit the jackpot as far as handouts go. A black transvestite probably has more rights then any of the rest of us thanks to the PC police. I wish I was a black transvestite. Shame that Im a WHITE STRAIGHT MAN instead so I have to work for everything. Then again I would never give that up for anything.

Plot Edit

Juwanna Mann is NOT a man otherwise he would NOT dress up like a woman which is disgusting. But he does anyway and then joins the WNBA. Its a comedy when they make movies like this about black men trying to pretend to be women to get benefits, but can you imagine what would happen if they made a movie about a white guy who paints himself black to get afermative action? Of course you cant because they could never make that movie or else they would get arrested for a hate crime. But I like how blacks can make fun of us in there comedy routines and make a movie called White Men Cant Jump. But if I made a movie called Black Men Cant Read I would be considered a racist.

Reception Edit

What do you think?

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