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Whats scary is that this could actually happen

Jurassic Park
is a book based on Billy and the Brontosaurus which was later turned into a movie. It answers the question of what life was like 5000 years ago when human and dinosaurs lived together. After watching the movie its no wonder we wiped them out, there very dangerous.


Some dinosaurs have been found on an island paradise, and someone decides to make a zoo. However the electric fences have weak spots, and the raptors are continually testing to find the weakest spot. Unlike liberals, there learning. This shows that they are trying to escape. After Dennis Nidry shuts down all the security, the dinosaurs are able to escape and they begin to eat everyone. They cant override his shutdown because they didnt say the magic word. However a young hacker girl realizes she can tap into the mainframe and create a vb script to generate a gui interface that can trace the ip address. Jeff Goldblum then uploads a virus that goes into all the dinosaurs making them exstinkt. The end.

Or is it?Edit



The movie made almost a billion dollars and is one of the highest groszing movies of all time. Of all time! It was noted for its special effects which rivalled even the XBOX. Also a lot of credit was given to the actor who played the little boy who did a good job of showing why you wouldnt want to have kids.


Dr. Grant - Sam eil

Dr. Woman - Laura Dern

Malcolm - Jeff Goldblum

Zookeeper - Richard Gainsborough

And introducing Gunther as T-Rex


"Spared no expense. Makes the one Ive got down in Kenya look like a pettin zoo! Also someone was born at that pettin zoo just the other day named Barack Hussein Obama so if he ever runs for president just remember that he is NOT a US citizen."

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