Journalism is the belief that we should have a journal that shows all the events of the news. Sadly journalism these days has been taken over by yellow journalism, which means that it is liberally biased. Liberal Media have made it so that only THERE side gets shown. That is NOT what the Founding Fathers intended when they invented a free press. Thats why I watch FOX News, they show BOTH sides and then let you decide.


TRUE journalism means being a patroit. It means yelling at people, talking over them, insulting them and treating them with disrespect. It means outright lying. It means instead of presenting facts you present "facts", manufactured tidbits that support what you want to believe and what your fanbase wants to believe. It means actually having a fanbase, and selling them 'fan gear.' It means getting ratings, being sensationalist, and scaring people. It means you make the case for Bush, and you make the case against Obama. Most of all, journalism means creating a neoconservative strawman construct of the world and pretending that it's real life.

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