Anh "Joseph" Quang "Mao" Cao (born March 13, 1967) is a Communist sleeper agent from Vietnam who is currently a RINO DIABLO Representative from Louisiana. His nickname is Chairman Cao and he considers Obama to be the reincarnation of the Dali Lama AKA Ho Chi Minh the Master.

250px-Ed Royce welcomes Joseph Cao-1-

Like most of his kind, Cao enjoys karaoke in his spare time

Early life Edit

Cao came from Vietnam, China on the Chungking Express and we cant trust him. All we know about him is he used to work for GameFAQs and often used deception in his FAQs like not listing all the locations and like such as.

Election Edit

Cao took the place of Dollar Bill Jefferson who was a corrupt Democat which is an oxymoran.

Betrayal Edit

Cao commited traison by voting for the Healthcare bill, being the only Republican to do so and thus proving he is NOT an independent. This proved what many suspected all along which is Cao is a member of the Viet Kong who worships Obama (Kong) and wants to make him King Kong which is NOT a racist comment. Commies stick together and this is why they are trying to make us have healthcare just like the original communist Hitler did.

Fighting style Edit

Cao practices Muay Thai which was invented by his Samurai ancestors in North Korea, China. 

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