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Joey Im NOT angry anymore

Joey is an epic American sitcom starring Matt LeBlanco as Joey Tribiani. It is a sequel to the show Friends. It taught us how people with Aspergers syndrome like Star Wars.

Summary Edit

Joey really likes sandwiches pizza. He comes up to girls and says "How YOU doin" and gets a lot of a@@. Hes an actor and he lived with his sister who has a son named Paulo Costanzo. He comes up to girls and says "Hi my name is Paulo Costanzo, Im unemployed and I live with my parents." He has Aspergers syndrome and really likes Star Wars, and he posts on the internet as Darth Costanzus. His favorite show is Glenn Beck. 

Top 10 Joey Edit

Joey and the Spanking

Joey and the Snowball Fight

Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving

Joey and the Musical

Joey and the Big Move

Joey and the Bears

Joey and the Spying

Joey and the Taste Test

Joey and the Book Club

Joey and the Breakup

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