Addison Graves Wilson, Sr., most commonly known as Joe "the Plumber" Wilson
Congressman joe wilson sc-1-

Wilson pictured shortly before pointing out Obamas pants were literally on fire

(born July 31, 1947) is a Republican member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina, and a true gem. A Frost/Nixon type film starring him would be him would have no suspense, because he never lies.

Life before PoliticsEdit

Wilson was born in Charlestown, South Carolina where he went to law school. Instead of becoming a scumbag lawyer he joined the Army reserve and later the National Guard, where he braved many dangers. Unlike John Carrey who the only danger he faced was swiftboats and he got a bandaid.

Career in State Senate Edit

Wilson became an aid to Storm Thurmond, who was a hell of a guy. He then became a Congressman where he did a lot of great things such as made a National Guard license plate and also voted against removing the Confederate flag from the State house. The PC police can go to hell.

Career in House (good show) of Representatives Edit

Obama was trying to tell all these lies like he always does (Obama bin Lyin! Impeach NOW!) and Joe Wilson corageously shouted out "You Lie!" thereby letting everyone know that Obama was a liar. He receved a standing ovation and raised 2.65 million afterwards which shows that people like when you dont show Obama respect because he doesnt deserve any, hes NOT even really are president. The guy suffers from egocentricity, pride and smugness. Wilson realizes that all the dems are liars and that Pelosi really hurt America by doing this health care package. She hulked up and used all her power to force the other congressman to vote for it. Next she is going to make us all drive a prius car. Let witches like her drive what they want but I am NOT driving a hybrid. To bad America cant just tell Pelosi "scat woman!" and put a real woman in charge of the House, like Sarah Palin. She went rogue for America, and she is just a super woman trying to do whats right for us before its to late and its no wonder women look up to her. If the dems have there way then I hope your prepared to miss American values like freedom, miss liberty, miss marvelous things like individual rights and common sense. If your prepared to kiss all those goodby then by all means, vote democrat. But if you recognize that "crazy as a bat" girl Pelosi is going to destroy us all, then vote Independent (Republican). If all goes well we can put Palin/Wilson in the White House and the transition will be smooth as silk. Specter and the other traders will then pay as they will be purged forever, as are Founding Fathers intended.

Family Edit

He has a bunch of kids with his wife. He is a MAN.

Quotes Edit

"You lie!"

"You do NOT tell the truth!" 

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