245px-Jerusalem Dome of the rock BW 14-1-

Dome of the Rock. Know your role and shut your mouth jerubroni

Jerusalem is the capital of Isreal, are greatest ally. Jerusalem is one of the major issues in the Isreali/"palestinian" conflict, but let it be known there can NOT be a palestinian state, literally. Despite what the pacificsts think Isreal has the right to defend HERself. These terrorists are blowing up cars in cities and teaching there young boys evil at an early age to use there own children as tools and human shields. Let us not forget how they blew up the Jewish Olympians in Munich, which I think about every night when I have sex with my wife.

History Edit

During the Crusades it was one of the cities the Muslims wanted to sack raw. MEN took control of the situation and chased them out. Nuff said.

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