Japan is an asian country that is an island in the Pacific Ocean. There capital is Tokyo and there form of currency is yen, which they get from the kimonos that we wear. They are known for attacking us in World War II and paying the ultimate price. Dont wanna get nuked dont break into peoples harbors its pretty simple.


Japan was invented in the Middle Ages. People back then were known as samurais and they lived in a feudal system where they provided there head honcho (shogun) with karate and other types of self defense. However after guns were invented they became literally the definition of self defense and all the samurais lost there jobs (welcome to Obamas America) and they became ronin warriors and were forced to commit sudoku (harry caray).


There culture is weird.


Japanese people like to eat sushi, miso soup, whale and dolphin.


The Japanese love anime and manga, which means cartoons and comic books. They love schoolgirl panties and tentacles and there favorite music is karaoke and j-pop. They enjoy geishas who can discuss anything from world affairs to the fine art of fishing or baking.

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