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Wheres Waldo starring Ja Rule

Ja Rule is a cRapper but even I have to admit this guys got talent. Holla.

Birth and early life Edit

Born in Hollas, New York, he was raised a Jenova's witness by his mother. He attended PS3, a mixed school and a failure from Sony.

cRap career Edit

He became famous as a cRapper for his lyrics and delivery, where he would say "Bla blah blah! Blahblahblahblah BABY! Blah blah blah. Ja Rule! Holla!"

Holla Edit

Ja Rule baby! 

Contaversial comments regarding homos Edit

Rule pointed out that these MTV shows trying to make us tolerate homosexuals are ruining society, he then left the interview room to go to the studio and record a song about how he shot 50 Cents.

Acting career Edit

After his unforgettable role in The Fast and the Furious he became a box office phenomenon and was offered movies with such luminaries as Steven Seagal. When your co starring in a movie with Steven Seagal you KNOW youve made it as an actor.

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