Iran, also known as Persia, is the bad guy in the hit movie 300. It is also a country in the Middle East that we need to turn into a glass. parking. lot. NOW.

Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb IranEdit

As we continue to fight the Terror War thoughts at home turn to extending wartime as much as we can, which means lets attack Iran. Look lets face it, the president of Iran diceily pretends like he doesnt have anything planned but he is definitely going to attack the USA and Isreal. Its just common sense. Therefore we need to launch a joint war on them now in self defense and annihilate them. Obama would rather just "negotiate" but theres a time to talk and a time for action, and its always time for action. Lets NOT appease an enemy who wants to take countries over who didnt even attack him, which has frightening parallels to Hitler. Lets instead attack and take there country over. The people of Iran with there memories of Operation Desert Storm fear us and they will surrender immediately and then we can quickly win, like we did with Iraq and Afghanistan. But besides ruining the economy Obama does nothing. Gold can stay stable or gain value like it always does but the rest of are money is becoming worthless. Attacking Iran can bring us some much needed profits, like Dwight Eisenhower told us we should do. But Obama would rather spend his time amending walls of text into the Constitution like the Healthcare bill which no one knows whats in it because its too long. So lets kick this lout out of office and get someone who knows what there doing named Sarah Palin.

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