Internment camps

are a camp where you keep people and make them be interns. There good idea for people who look Arab. We need to put them in camps so that America remains a country with freedom. They are NOT a good idea for white people which is what Obama wants to use them for. That is NOT what the founding fathers intended.

Can we?

History Edit

We put Japanese in there in World War II and look at how that worked out, we won! So lets do it again. That way Americans can remain free. However with great internment camps comes great responsibility and lets treat are prisoners good like they do in Guantanamo Bay (prisoners are there are treated better then regular prisons. Even Drew Brees said so) or in Abu Graib (prisoners there get to have fun and participate in games).  The 2007 it was remade under the title Daddy Day Camp and opened to mixed reviews.  Grandcountyguy called it the best movie of 2007 and the 2nd best movie of all time after The Dark Knight.

Famous interns Edit


Monica Lewinsky

Mr. Miyagi's wife (fictional)

Cast Edit

Eddie Murphy - Charlie

Jeff Garlin - Phil

Cuba Gooding Jr. - Lance

Lochness Monstero - Charlie

Steven Zohan - Marvin

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