Inglorious Bastards is a 2009 film directed by Quentin Tarantino. It relates the true events of Operation Valkyrie, which was literally the plot to kill Hitler.

Plot Edit

This film is called Inglourious Basterds (i.e. mispelled) not as shown above. There's already a film called Inglorious Bastards.

The National SOCIALISTS are roaming Europe and wiping out all of the Jews, are greatest allies. This includes the liberal Hans Landa, who raids a Frenchmans house and kills all the Jews hiding there, letting just one go. This girl eventually opens us a theater. Meanwhile, AMERICA is putting together a task force of special black ops green berets known informally as the Inglorious Bastards. Because we have to police the world, these soliders go into Germany to fight the Socialists and kill Hitler. The operation is entitled as Valkyrie and it involves the cooperation of British soldiers and a German spy. Therefore, the plan fails. However, the Jewish girl who owns the theater is secretly working for Mossad. So she helps the American soldiers get into Fords theater where Hitler is assassinated, ending World War II. Or did it? It turns out it was just one of Hitlers doubles.Edit

Cast Edit

General Patton - Brad Pitt

Reception Edit

Critics said there was one inaccuracy, Hans Landa's actual name was Hans Lunda.

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