I am Robot is a 2004 psychological sci-fi non-stop action thrillride extravaganza starring Will Smith. It is based on the short story by Ray Bradbury intitled Do Robots Dream of Electric Sleep.
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Now thats what I call a close encounter

Plot Edit

Will Smith plays a cop who lives in a society where robots are are slaves. Wow, so now black people get to have slaves? Welcome to Obamas America. I guess because a REPUBLICAN abolished slavery the dems had to repeal it. Only if your black though. Double standards. I guess its not racist when THEY do it. I guess freedom of speech only matters if your a lib. Hippocrats. So he has to solve this murder, but to do it he has to find out which robot did it. And then he has to fight all the robots who have been programmed to kill humans on Judgment Day by Skynet. At the end Smith discovers that he too is a robot.

Cast Edit

Cop - Will Smith

Robots - Liberals

Quotes Edit

"Oh helllllll no"

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