Homosexuality is when someone chooses to NOT be straight. They are GAY.

Picture of a man realizing he has just chosen to be homosexual

They are also known as fruits.

History Edit

Homosexuality was invented by the Greeks and Romans. There were known as philistines and were Gods greatest enemy (this was before Islam was invented). So God invented Jesus to bring down the Roman Empire and end this disgusting habit. So then it was non existent for hundreds of years until liberals brought it back. And now there everywhere.

Obama is trying to give rights to fruitsEdit

Look, I have no problem with gays but I am NOT one. I am a STRAIGHT MAN. Go be gay somewhere else. Do NOT try to make me the victim of one of youre gang rapes. Straight people dont gang rape fruits and we demand the same respect from them. This seems easy enough to understand but instead Obama wants to embolden the gays. Its not enough that he wants to give you more rights if your Black. Barry Soetoro also wants to give gays MORE rights by letting them get married. Well thats the last straw. Barry needs to be inpeached before he can make us all a nation of gay men. I mean look at the pair on this guy. (I dont mean literally. I am NOT gay.) The fact that he wants to basically ban an American MAN from having the freedom to be straight and make us go on date with other guys and that is NOT what are Founding Fathers intended. They grappled with the British to insure that we would have the rights to NOT pay taxes, to drink tea, to abolish all healthcare and to NOT have gay people around. Thats why they made being gay a capital offense. Yet these left wing whackos want to make them more free then us? They want to elect a bunch of gays like Senators Frank or Rangel? What a bunch of whacko coocoo nuts. Bottom line is children should have a mama and a papa they should NOT have more than one papa. Yeah thats right, Im saying it right now that marriage needs to be between a MAN and a WOMAN and if anyone tries to change that then your plumb out of luck because I will leave a bad smell on you which is literally the stench of death.

Is Obama a fruit himself?Edit

There was a man who claimed he blew Barry and they had a sexual relationship. Figures. This is why we cant let this guy be President, because its clear he has a gay agenda and wants to make us all be gay so he can try to take are cherry. What a slimeball. He literally blows his nose on the Constituoin and then wipes his flem on the Declaration of Independents.

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