Hell is a place under the Earths crust where you go after you die if you dont worship Jesus. It a place of eternal pain and suffering, and its what you deserve for NOT being a good person like the rest of us. God put you there for a reason, because you did NOT acknowledge him as an all-loving God.
Democrat donkey-1-

Satan (D) always wins elections in hell because of the democrat base

History Edit

Hell was invented in 0 BC when God realized he needed a place to put bad people after they died. They cant go to Heaven because theres already like 200 people up there and its pretty crowded. So he made a big fire and put Satan in charge and now you have to go down in it.
250px-Hortus Deliciarum - Hell-1-

Im gonna laugh when you atheists are subjected to this. To bad your not a good person like me

Literature Edit

Dontay is famous for his book "Disco Inferno" where he describes Hell as the Angel Virgil showed it to him after the Trojan War. It shows that there are many different levels, and the end boss is Satan. You have to defeat him by feeding him is vegetables but watch out because he can spit Judas, Brutus or Kefka at you. If you win you get to go to purgatory instead which has more mild temperatures.

John Milton also wrote about Hell in Paradise LOST (good show) and its where Satan has to hang out with his demon friends because God said your grounded.

Hell in fake religions Edit

Some fake religions also believe in Hell, such as Greek religoin which says theres a dog there named Cerberus. But dogs dont go to Hell because they dont have souls, only humans do. You cant have an afterlife unless you are an actual person like a fetus. Whats ironic is that other cultures believe in Hell but dont think there going there. Oops! Sorry but the fact that you never heard of Jesus is NOT an excuse little hindu child, you should have educated yourself more before dying at age 5 of malaria.

Quotes Edit

"The shit has hit the fan"

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