Where did he get those wonderful scars

Heath Andrew Ledger (April 4, 1979 – January 2008) literally became the Joker, star of the Dark Knight. He starred in several smash hits, such as 7 Things I hate about you, Brokeback Mountain, The Patroit and Monster Balls.

Filmography Edit

The Dark Knight

7 Things I hate about you

Brokeback Mountain

The Patroit

Monster Balls

Life Edit

Heath Ledger was born in Australia. As a child he was taken by dingos who taught him how to act. When he returned he was the worlds greatest actor, and a living legend. He immediately took the world by storm, with the momentum of a runaway freight train. He married the girl in that movie where they call each other on the phone and say "are you free tonight" and then have some fun, it starred Wolverine. However things really began to pick up after he made Brokeback Mountain, which semented him as someone who was NOT straight. Ledger went crazy after having to kiss a man, and he became the Joker.

Transformation Edit

Ledgers transformation into the Joker came with great cost. No longer was he bound by the rules of society. The Joker is unpredictable, and he is NOT funny hes scary. Ledger soon began to stop even making jokes and was just crazy, literally sending chills down my spine and giving me the jeepers creepers. He took drugs to deal with his scars, and to forget about his roll in Brokeback Mountain. The producers of the movie became alarmed and told him to stop, but Ledger was out of control, and he literally became two face. Finally he was killed, and Batman went on the run. He is the hero Gotham city wants but NOT the one they need. Ledger was laid to rest at the Oscar ceremony, where he should have recieved the post.humerous.oscar.NOW. but instead they gave it to Slumdog millionaire because to be PC.

Personal Quotes Edit

"Why so serious?" - Ledgers last words

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