Healthcare is something that we need to stop. NOW.

Ways to solve the healthcare issueEdit

First of all, there is no need to resort to socilized healthcare such as Obamacare when we have two perfectly good options to pursue. Doctors are all against those options and they will all quit if you try to do it because then they wont get paid enough. And then whos gonna take there place? You? Sorry lib but until you master cardiology or brain surgery or what not then you are NOT qualified to be a doctor and only these guys are so lets let them make the decisions.

Tort reformEdit

First of all, tort reform will fix everything. The reason costs are so high is because of scumbag lawyers who are always suing doctors so there patients can get handouts. Ever heard of a little thing called buyer beware? It means you break it, you buy it and that applies to doctors as well so do NOT blame them if something goes wrong. Whatever happened happened. Dead is dead.

Sell insurance across state linesEdit

Why cant insurance comapanies sell across state lines, thereby insuring that the customer gets the best deals to choose from? And do NOT tell me its because all the insurance companies would then go to the state with the least restrictions. If you think that would ever happen then you I think you dont know much about America and expressly am telling you to leave now. Your probably an illegal immigrant here on a visa or something and you will soon discover what it means to be deported if I have anything to say about it.

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