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Looks like Lurrch

Harry Reid (born December 2, 1939) is a jackass (good show) who is currently the Senate Majority Leader. He is a liberal democrat and represents Nevada although that will change in the near future. America will be taken back in November. Sharron Angle has said we should exercise are second commandment rights on him, but I think we should put him on trial and kill him LEGALLY. Lets fry this trader and when the electricity zaps through his body it will be a sign to liberals of what they will all look forward to if they continue to betray the principals this country was founded on.


Reid was Nevada Gaming Commissioner for many years and was quite corrupt. Reid earned untold amounts of money and then tried to cover it up by choking his accomplice to death. More and more bodies kept being dug up in the deserts around this time but none were ever tied to Reid and most of them were believed to be the work of the Mafia, however common sense says Reid was at least somewhat involved. Maybe the Don bought Reids loyalty by getting rid of all his political enemies for him? Connect the dots people.

He supported Obama in the 2008 Election, complementing him on his lack of a negro dialect. He thinks Obama is the chosen one but really he is a scruffy nerf herder and will soon be booted from the White House just like Richard Nixon.

Political positionsEdit


Like Al Gore, he supports cutting energy in order to "save the planet", expressly forbidding companies from using the free market.

Health CareEdit

He wants to kill you and your mom with death panels. Look I dont think the health care system is perfect but what the hells are alternative, socialism?


He is no match for Sharron Angle who has strongaly laid down her positions and the people of Nevada have said OH HELL YEAH to all of them and thats why in the polls he is badly trailing her. Messing up are country was NOT in Reids best interest and thats why he is going down in Novemeber which will be a day that will live in infamy.

Personal lifeEdit

He is married to Linda Gould.

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