Golf is a sport invented in Scotland, where you hit a ball into a hole using clubs. Some famous golfers include Jack Nicholson, Tiger Woods, Shooter McGavin and Kim Jong il.

Obama plays golfEdit

This is an outrage. The libs had the gall to say that George W. Bush played too much golf, and now Obama plays several rounds every day and they dont say anything. Iron balls on these libs with there double standards. And who does Obama think he is, Bagger Vance? This golfer-in-chief is off playing golf all day like a lazy wellfare queen, then afterwards probably going out clubbin in his caddy with his baby mamma while making it rain (I am NOT racist). Of course he doesnt take the blame.[1] Typical Obama, blaming everyone else for his problems. He has disturbing parallels to Hitler in his bunker, pitching the idea this is all someone elses fault. Of course Id be looking to deflect blame too if I was him because his performance has been way below par. The guy continues to give the American people the bird i.e. trying to make us "go green", giving us healthcare, openly supporting the illeagal activities of union thugs while attacking corporate boogeymen, having links to terrorists, bowing to his Arab masters, etc. Hes been a disaster in the drivers seat and spent us into a hole in one-half term. He has wedged us into a corner and frankly we are teed off. We demand that Obama stop golfing and start presidenting, and if he doesnt answer are demands we will shut the government down. First, people need to be taxed in a fair way. Would somebody please get rid of the entitlement system in this "gimme" society? Also, get rid of Planned Parenthood because its for hookers. End the ADA because Im tired of handicapped people getting a free ride in there carts. Get rid of public schools because we should be putting that money in corporate tax cuts. Ban democrats. If Obama does all these things then MAYBE he can pick up a few independent swing voters like myself instead of just the fringe, if not Ill have to hazard a guess that he will loose big in 2012 and he WONT get a mulligan.



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