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Soros speaking in Malaysia shortly before trying to KILL THE MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTAHHHH

George Soros (born August 12, 1930 in Hungry) is a reputed psychopath and the leader of the leftist Illumanati. Born György Schwartz, he changed his name because hes an anti-semite. He is one of the richest men in the world and has made huge profits off capitalism yet he still badmouths it which is blasphemy and sacrilege and makes him literally guilty of hearsay.

Family Edit

Soros was born in Budapest Hungary. The Nazis took over in 1944, and during this time Soros decided to become a Nazi also and became a socilist. Even though he was Jewish and should have followed the example of Moses by bringing his people to the promised land he instead decided to be a self hating Jew. After WW2 he then moved to England where he broke his leg. England socilized medicine took care of it free of charge and therefore Soros decided everyone should have universal healthcare. What a hippocrat. Oh also when he was a Nazi he was worse then Hitler and actually had more power then him and literally pulled the strings telling Hitler what to do. He has no guilt about it as told to Steve Kroft on CBS News.[1][2][3]

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?
Mr. SOROS: No.

Career Edit

Thanks to the gold fillings he stole out of Holocaust victims mouths, Soros had built a fortune and an empire. He then decided to become a money speculator. He basically gets rich of all of us which is WRONG. He tries to confuse us into making the dollar weak and then he buys it and when its strong he sells it. That is socilism. Soro asternomically destroyed the financial market in Malaysia under the orders of Mugatu. This also affected nearby countries such as Laos too. Then he uses his money to try and make us all be socilist. He heads up the Ilumanati and they control all of the media except for FOX News.


Photograph of Soros proving that he controls all the democrat politicians

Puppetmaster Edit

Soros literally pulls the strings of Obama who is pledged to stay loyal as long as Soros continues to give him money. This is NOT what Martin Luther King invisioned when he dreamed of a black President. Aberham Lincoln would NOT have ended slavery if he knew that blacks would just become socilists for money. Under Soros's orders Obama wants to rid America of Jesus Christ by declaring that all white people are enemy combatants in the War on Christmas. Then he will inpose Shinra rule which will make us all be hare krishnas and bow to Muhammad 3 times a day just like Obama bows to his Arab and Japanese masters.[4]

End game Edit

It is suspected that Soros's end game is to make the whole world socilist, and then he will make us all have to share his money. Damn you Soros!

References Edit




[4] Citation NOT needed its just common sense

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