You think this is a game?

Gamer is a 2008 film about a straight man (he is NOT gaymer) who is a gamer. It is a remake of The Running Man.

Plot Edit

In the near future (welcome to Obamas America) the new coolest thing is a video game where you can control real people. In the hit game Slayers (good band) some kid controls Gerald Butler and then gets girls from myspace because hes so good. Then a hacker (played by LL Cool J) interrupts the game and says that it is NOT a good game. Eventually he helps the kid communicate with Butler by using the matrix. Its hard to keep track with what happened after this. Dexter gets killed at the end.

Reviews Edit

Critics were unanimous in asking how Jason Statham wasnt in this.

Cast Edit

Gerald Butler - Gamer

Morpheus - LL Cool J

Boss - Dexter C. Hall

Quotes Edit

"Lets play some fricken halo 4sshat"

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