Godgoldguns ingriedtsoffreedom-1-

Mmmm freedom

is the act of being free. Some things that are free include free thought, the free market and freedom. Freedom is NOT free though, it comes at a cost. Freedom is what Braveheart fought for and is why terrorists hate us.

Recipe Edit

Freedom was invented in America in 1776 by the Founding Fathers. The ingriedts are 1 part God, 2 parts Gold and then 6 tablespoons of Guns. Sprinkle with vanilla for flavor. Mix well.

Future Edit

Experts say that the future of freedom is in jeopardy (good show) after the election of Obama. They worn that freedom will soon cease to exist. Then the terrorists wont hate us anymore. However this is NOT a good approach to fighting terrorism. I want them to hate us, hell I say we build the Twin Towers twice as high with a sign that says "We DARE you to try this again." I am a PATROIT.

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