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France or "Gall" is a country in Western Europe who has the gaul to criticize everything America does. These damn frogs are biased against us because we arent cheese eating surrender monkeys who smell bad and are rude. They think that we are warmongers because they are all a bunch of little pixies who want to hold hands around the campfire and sing cumbayah. I dont think so.

History Edit

France has surrendered in every war in history and the French's bravery and valour easily ranks at the bottom of every nation in the world. In a word, they are cowards.

French RevolutionEdit

Yet another example of cowardice, the French decided they didnt want to use hard work and personal responsibility to get ahead in life and they were going to do class warfare. Typical liberals. So in 1789 they revolted and the aristocracy was held accountable as every lazy serf arose and demanded handouts. Robespierre begins his reign of terror where he wants to insure everyone who had previously led is dead. He first forces Marie Antoinette to place her head on the guillotine and cuts it off even though she had offered to give all the proles cake. Liberals hated a strong intelligent woman back then just like they hate Sarah Palin today because she is smart and hunts caribou. He continued to kill all the rich people just like a typical liberal, until finally he was inpeached. We must do the same thing to Obama.

World WarsEdit

In World War II France was technically one of the Allis on ths side of good, but in reality they were basically Axis. When Germany stormed across the border the French could do little to stop them and quickly gave in. Eventually we had to come bail them out (leave it to FDR to give people bailouts). We decided to save them on D-Day where in under a minute our forces had completely decimated the Nazis and liberated the French.

In popular culture Edit

France gets attacked in GI Joe Rise of the Cobra and the Eyeful tower falls down. Now you know how it feels France.